Goosen Boerdery (Pty) Ltd



Farm Story

The Goosen Family is one of the oldest farming families in the Prince Alfred’s Hamlet area. The Group produces a wide range of products on 400 hectares of cultivated land which consists of pome fruit, stone fruit, vineyards and vegetables on two farming units.

The Group has the benefit of growing a wider range of varieties resulting in the ability to supply products for a much longer period throughout the season.

In 2003 the Goosen Family launched a BEE company, Denou Farming (Pty) Ltd, with the Den Haag Workers Trust (representing 116 workers of the two original farming units). The Goosen Family owns 49% and the Den Haag Workers Trust 51%.

The Goosen Family nurture communication with their staff members, and strive to utilize and develop their human resources optimally.  Furthermore, they follow technically sound practices whilst adding great value to the conservation of the environment.


Jagerskraal farm, Prince Alfred Hamlet 6835, Western Cape, South Africa

GGN: 4049929700079